The eyes of beholder

In high school we had a classmate with a mousy looking face, dark complexion and she wore glasses too. Definitely not a girl anyone looked at twice. Her younger sister on the other hand was quite good looking. So it was with shock I heard that guys found her hot! That one incident taught me a valuable lesson. That what we girls thought was beauty was not necessarily endorsed by guys. Though stars like an Aishwarya is acknowledged to be a beauty by both guys and girls, rarely do guys and gals agree on the looks of another girl. I have found absolutely "slimy" looking girls looked upon as good looking by guys.

Though me and my friends still agree on the look or lack of it on other girls, we have always acknowledged that what we find plain or ugly is our viewpoint only. Guys have a different rule book for judging looks. The revelation was humbling.

I don’t know if this happens with guys too. I wonder if they find guys that we gals find cute or smart as horrible looking or unmanly...

Having acknowledged to what I have in this post... I have to admit this revelation
do prevent us girls from looking at each other in absolute shock when we are introduced to a smart/good looking guy’s wife, girlfriend or fiancé for the first time! :)) Because beauty is in the eyes of beholder!!! and now i totally agreed!!

Overheard at Matunga station!!!

Guy : Was your Dad a thief??
Girl (angry) : Excuse me??? What are you talking about?
Guy (with a smirk) : I mean, he has stolen all the stars and put them in your eyes!!

Me : Oh boy.....gimme a break.......!!

Outcome :
Girl (kinda blushing) : Well he was never caught!!

And so it began......the courting rituals!!!

Me : Damm it.....I didn't know such statements worked!! that was really very funny!!!