Cryptic Thought!!

Sometimes all you have to do to create a masterpiece , is close your eyes and splash colors on an empty canvas.......
What a strange comfort it brings----This freedom of soul!!

We have a chance every single day of our's just that we are too busy in our schedule!!!


It's surprising how much of myself I discover during conversation with you...random conversation over cups of coffee...discussion about daily routine!! They bring about lots of change in me.

Just a random topic of silly banter sometimes leads to hours of introspection and pondering when I'm alone. Sometimes I wonder how it must be to be in your it must be to live the way you live your life....but frankly I love listening to your perspective just as much as I love speaking about mine..

I like to listen to your opinion, your interpretation, your way of looking at life....sometimes I want to see the world through your eyes...may it be just for a while!! Just enough to realize why life has shaped our personalities so different....neither good or bad....Just different...!!!

It's not every time that our views differ though...and it's not everyday that we have differences in perspective...sometimes these small differences also make me realize what I need to change about myself,they help me to grow as a person....!!! so delicate and yet so powerful----- These "Conversations"