1.Where is your cell phone?
most probably on my study table.

2.Your hair?
loads of time messy.... :(

3.Your mother?
my Precious gift.

4.Your father?
My Secure foundation

5.Your favorite food?
anything eatable...:P

6.Your dream last night?
Shh dark secret...lol

7.Your favorite drink?
Vodka....hahaha ;)

8.Your goal?
Not only one to achieve....

9.What room are you in?

10.Your hobby?
chit-chat and m bookworm....

11.Your fear?
being lonely....

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
umm may be at aakash's place....:P

13.Where were you last night?
why do you want to know about this umm???

14.Something that you aren’t?

yup i loved it.....

16.Wish list item?
Argh!!! there are so many things.....

17.Where did you grow up?

18.Last thing you did?

19.What are you wearing?
Ahem ahem....clothes!!!

20.Your TV?

21.Your pets?
yup two cute kittens.....chinu and manu!!!

yes my oxygen....

23.Your life?

24.Your mood?
Swinging to and fro.

25.Missing someone?
Aha no.....because I'm in Pune....;)

Lady bird....hehe

27.Something you’re not wearing?
oops what do you mean by this?

28.Your favorite store?
cotton Bazzaar

29.When was the last time you laughed?
just now....

30.Last time you cried?
when i tried vodka....that time i was crying.....lol

31.Your best friend?
Pooja,praju and shraddha

32.One place that you go to over and over?
Harihareshwar...I just loved that place!!

33.One person who emails me regularly?
loads of people.....

34.Favorite place to eat?
DP's, Matunga

Typical thought.......

Life just isn't destiny...look at all of these choices.
Ultimately we make the choice to live our lives the way we want to.....we definitely create our own destiny!! Are we pondering the meaning of life or just living it? Working to live or living for work?
These are all choices, be it conscious or sub- conscious.... No we cannot change inherently who we are... But we can change our attitude and perception towards the "Life"!!!! and it can really make a big difference.......!!!!

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing

-Agatha Christie

I Realized.................

I couldn't help but wonder at times.....Why a good girl ends up with the bad guy and Good guy ends up with the bad girl??? Sometimes life isn't really fair!! I wonder someone who stands out from the rest,couldn't get the love she/he deserves.......
But soon I realized that sometimes we don't have any other choice. It's destined to happen..sad but true!! :(

Salute To Mighty Hearts

The city known for it's nightlife,it's spirit,it's crowd! The city which is amongst most populated cities of the world..The capital of India....faced a major blow by terrorist attack..An open fire in various parts of the south Mumbai and not to mention tragedy at Hotel TAJ,Oberoi and residential apartment Nariman point...This considered to be most cruel terror attack in India!!! In about 3-4 days from now, India would marked the first anniversary of The Infamous 26/11 terror attack!!!

Everyone including me has to say...but words cannot explain all forms of feelings....I here by salute to the officers and millitants who lost their life to keep us safe!!!

"Salute All Those Martyrs who sacrificed Their Life And Their Family's Happiness To Save Our Lives".....!!!!

It's you only I need!!!

When its long after the sun has set
When the clouds pour down
The world gets wet
When in the darkness there is no one i see
When my dreams scare and terrify me
Its then when i know..its you only i need

To take me in your arms...so i can breathe
You make my world go round and bring the best in me
Its your face which in my sleep i see
When the times are wrong and i see no way..
What makes me strong are the words u say
When the loneliness creeps
Its then when i know..its you only I need

When nothing seems right
And every things a mess
With your smile so bright
You handle the rest
When it sometimes hurts without knowing why
You hold me close and let me cry
When i m confused and dunno what to do
when all a lie,i cant find the truth

Its then when i know..its you only I need!!!


Departing Love......!!!

No word I write could ever say,
How sad and empty I feel today,
A loving smile, a heart of gold,
No finer a person this world could hold,
Memories of you, will never grow old,
They are locked in my heart with letters of gold,
Tears in my eyes, I wiped today,
But memories of you will always stay,
Those I love don't go away,
They walk beside me everyday,
Even though it's been a long time now,
I have never been alone,
For a part of mine went with you..........

Jogava: Review:2

"Jogava" a film directed by Rajiv Patil....one of the good director!! This movie goes on to show the naked truth in our so called society in very effective manner...The truth about Jogtas and Jogtins children of goddess... The story mainly revolved around two main character "Suli"(Mukta barve) and "Tayappa"(Upendra limaye) Set on a backcloth of village in Karnataka...where goddess Yallama's influence leads to exploit the villagers in the name of superstitions. In fact how villagers are made to believe on old rituals to cure any ailment...

Well in case of Suli,her mother found a knot while combing her hair and believed that this is a serious issue, so suli is taken to the akkubai(interpreter of team of jogtas and jogtins). Akkubai forces Suli's family to offer her daughter to serve for goddess... similarly the young boy Tayyapa is brought by his father to this place just because he has been passing some blood through urinary track!! Suli and tayyapa forced to become jagti and jogta much against their wish!!!
Soon both gets adapted to this lifestyle and earns for their living. suli learns to dance to please the goddess. But some villagers are only interested in Jogtins just for having a intimate relationship. They gave inhuman treatment by branding them as Prostitute.. Tayappa loves suli from his heart,but he can not express his love....Finally both the victims come together..they scandalized against their society.

This film convey a message to fight against so called superstitions!!! So overall movie was awesome....some melodrama is in movie but without melodrama , movie can not be a "Movie"... music by ajay-atul as usual great!! Both mukta barve and upendra limaye come out with great performances... So go watch this movie at least once!!!!

My review....

Men are from "Mars" and women are from "Venus" a book by john gray. Such a great book it is!! I really appreciated different ideas and suggestions...!!!He's offering many suggestion for improving men and women relationship..specially for couples just by simple communications!!
Well as title suggested that men and women are from two different planets....He explained different theories in this book!! for example....to feel better women get together and openly talk about their problems,while to feel better men go to their caves to solve the problems alone!!! so many differences but still you can't live with them and you can't live without them!!!
Little things make a big difference and that's very true!! This book helped millions of couples transform their relationship..similarly book has helped men-women realize how different they really are and how to communicate their needs in such a way that conflict doesn't spring up!! So when men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom!!! And keep the magic of love alive....

Life....A book of mystery!!!

How do you get up in the morning..feeling joyful,confident,feeling like life has a purpose,that u feel like everything is right,inspired by anything that u see???

In other word....Why life is so difficult??? Our life is designed to lead us to a stage where we have to recognize why we live and why we endure difficulties. It's not like this way>> We're born with the purpose of having a difficult life..This "WHY" make us feel dissatisfy with life until this question is answered!!

Life is a game which we have to play carefully...because we won't get another chance to improve our mistake again and again...according to me, Life is neither a bed of roses nor meant for tears!!! But some people never understand that in life if we want to achieve something we have to do struggle..Think about this All Bad Experience Are The Best Lessons!!!

"Life is Beautiful
There is a sunrise after sunset
High Tide After Low tide!!!!

Friends......My life line!!!

Whenever we feel demoralized,we always think about company of a good friend...that was the first thing came in my mind!!! Because friend is the only person who knows about you very well..and I'm lucky enough to have a bunch of good friends...Whenever i need them....they are always with me in my good as well as in bad time!! Aah My life is impossible without them.....very dear,very special for me!!
Shraddha,pooja n Prajkta this post is dedicated to u girls!! you are my life-line...We have a friendship that is true...I'm thankful that i met you!!! Before it's too late,one thing i must say......Thanks for everything you've done!!! Love you girls!!!

To Hell With The Rules!!

Human mind is so complex,flurried...and it became more confused when we made rules...We all are living in the heaven of ignorance....so we made rules to survive!!! But many of us want to live like a free bird...no limitations,no more traditional laws...nothing like that!!
Just wanna change something in life!!!
But wilderness remained inherited in us.We are civilized but still like to dance on the tunes of music without any limitations,even we don't care what others will say....we still love that calmness,wilderness of nature!! Now-a-days we are far apart from nature....we bounded ourself in this so called "Materialistic Life"!! so at least once in a life break all these rules....and live this life as u want!!! I have just passed through this poem..story of a girl who loved the nature!!!


Born in town,half is nature,half civilized
But in hidden she wanted a man to love her
As a love is a pure form of nature..
she studied to gain knowledge,
wanted to part from nature,to gain height
But her dreams shattered,
she got bounded,could not survive,
she forgot sky is also form of a nature
whom she want to touch,which is so high
after struggling getting the height,
she was unhappy ,doesn't know why??
she cried when she was lonely,
all the crowd she wanted earlier
now could not satisfy her
hunger of love,care ,oxygen to survive,
because in hidden she loved nature,
she decided to break all materialistic boundaries
which were too high..
she had a sigh...then said,
to hell with this rules and
to hell with this social life!!!!

कल्पनाशून्य कारभार!!!!!

गेल्या महिनाभर प्राध्यापकांचा संप चालु आहे, आणि तो मिटण्याची चिन्हसुद्धा दिसत नाही!! "हा संप अजून तीव्र करु" हे त्यांचे शब्दं... सरकार आणि प्राध्यापक यांच्या अडेलतट्टु भुमिकेमुळे यात नुकसान होतय ते आम्हा विद्यार्थ्यांच... यांच्या या वागण्यात आमचा मात्र नाहक बळी???

सरकार पण जाणिवपूर्वक या गोष्टीकडे कानाडोळा करत आहे. मुळात संप करण्याची वेळच का यावी?? म्हणा हा प्रश्नच निरर्थक आहे... असो पण प्रत्येक गोष्टीला मर्यादा असते...आज महिनाभर आमची कॉलेजेस् बंद आहेत आणि ज्यांच शेवटचं वर्ष आहे ते विद्यार्थि चिंतेत आहेत.....पण त्याचं कोणाला काय आहे?? आपल्या मागण्या मान्यं झाल्या पाहिजेत असाच पवित्रा काहीसा या शिक्षकी-संघटनेने घेतलेला वाटतो आहे......

बरं यांच्या बाकीच्या मागण्या मान्य केल्याही आहेत.. सहाव्या वेतन आयोगाप्रमाणे पगारवाढ करुन दिलेली आहे...आता राहीला आहे प्रश्न तो म्हणजे नेट-सेट परीक्षा रद्द करण्याचा.... मुख्यं म्हणजे ही परीक्षा रद्दचं का करावी?? शिक्षकांची गुणवत्ता याच परीक्षेवर अवलंबून आहे....जर हिच लोक घाबरायला लागली अश्या स्पर्धा-परीक्षांना तर आमच्यासमोर आदर्श कोणाचा ठेवणार?? आणि चर्चा करुन प्रश्नं अजुन सुटलेला नाही....असा हा सरकारचा आणि प्राध्यापकांचा कल्पनाशून्य कारभारं कधी थांबणार???

Hope never dies!!!

pretty child
they're cheering away
as you ride through your kingdom of sand
lovely child
you're a hero today
you're a magical mystery man

like a bird on the wing
you soar through your dreams
let your fantasies sweep the skies
but you know it's unreal
the pain is so clear
like the tears in a baby's eyes

holy child
you fly through the night
on your faithful and glorious steed
lonely child
wake up to the light
get back to your tatters, your home on the street

like a bird on the wing [like a bird on the wing]
you soar through your dreams
let your fantasies sweep the skies
but you know it's unreal [but you know it's unreal]
the pain is so clear
like the tears in a baby's eyes
tears in a baby's eyes

like the tears in a baby's eyes!!!

-Indus Creed

Love your loved one!!!

प्रेम हा असा शब्द आहे की नुसता उच्चारला तरी हऴुवार गुदगुल्या होतात... ते दिवसा ढवऴया स्वप्न रंगवण, कोणाची तरी सतत वाट पाहणं, आरश्यासमोर तासन्-तास् उभं रहाणं!!! यालाचं का प्रेम म्हणतातं... हो बहुधा प्रेमाची व्याख्या हीचं असावी... असो थोडक्यात काय की प्रेम ही अशी गोष्ट आहे की ती कधी, कुठे ,केव्ह्या होईल हे सांगणे जरा तसं कठिणं आहे!!!
अनेक प्रेमवीर मी असेही बघीतले आहेत...की प्रेम हेच त्यांच आयुष्य ,त्यांच ध्येय आहे...!!! पण प्रेमावरच दुनिया कशी चालणारं!!! प्रत्येकाची मतं वेगळी असतातं...

तसा बघायला गेलं तर प्रेमाची रूपं ही निराळी असतात! आईचं वात्सल्यंरूपी प्रेम, बाबांचं थोडसं शिस्तबद्‍धं प्रेम ,भक्तिरूपी प्रेम , मिञं-मैञिणीचं काळजी व्यक्तं करणारं आणि कोणाच्या तरी विचारातं झुरवणारं!!!

पणं सगळ्यांनाच त्याचं प्रेम मिळतं असं नाहीये ना....आपणं रंगवलेल्या स्वप्नांचा चक्काचुर होताना पहाणं किती कठीणं असतं॥!!! कधी कधी नशीबाची साथं असणं सुद्‍धा गरजेचं आहे... पण उघडया डोळ्यांन् मधल्या त्या समुद्राला कसं थोपवुन धरायचं???

I heard somebody said that "EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR'!!! but sometimes everything has gone wrong and wrong!!!! But there is always somebody to love...no matter whether if it's your kitten or a puppy!!! Love can break but it won't die!!! So love those people who loves you unconditionally!!!!

Here I go!!!!

I don't understand from where to start..frankly speaking I'm getting inspired by someone who keep on telling me that I can be a good writer!! so here I go....One of the hardest things in life is having words in our heart...but we can't utter.. keep on finding words to express our true feelings for someone....so I'm still finding words!!

These thoughts did not come in any verbal formulation. I rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express it in words afterward"!!!

-Albert Einstein