Being Yourself..

Every person is different in views, thoughts, talents, behavior and so on. You are unique the way you talk, the way you smile,the way you walk,cry,laugh its all different you need never be scared of being either a size zero or achieving something exactly what the other one does.

Knowing yourself gives you the best of chances to enjoy some great moments with your own self. Rather than justifying your aloofness smile and know someday you would be remembered for your “Individualism”. If you are still not convinced try this for a week, literally think before you speak. Say what you truly feel and not what is expected of you, what you say out of sheer habit.

This does not mean that you put yourself under the pressure of coming up with brilliant and innovative statements. But rather speak you mind draft some courage to take a stand for the person you love the most “YOURSELF”. Begin to Love yourself slowly without any extra efforts you would be Original....!!!