Life....A book of mystery!!!

How do you get up in the morning..feeling joyful,confident,feeling like life has a purpose,that u feel like everything is right,inspired by anything that u see???

In other word....Why life is so difficult??? Our life is designed to lead us to a stage where we have to recognize why we live and why we endure difficulties. It's not like this way>> We're born with the purpose of having a difficult life..This "WHY" make us feel dissatisfy with life until this question is answered!!

Life is a game which we have to play carefully...because we won't get another chance to improve our mistake again and again...according to me, Life is neither a bed of roses nor meant for tears!!! But some people never understand that in life if we want to achieve something we have to do struggle..Think about this All Bad Experience Are The Best Lessons!!!

"Life is Beautiful
There is a sunrise after sunset
High Tide After Low tide!!!!


iron_maiden said...

I can see Chutku's brain is working overtime. Dear Deeps u need not get perplexed by trivial problems. I suggest you live your freedom of student life to the fullest. These days wont return. Once u get busy with your personal and proffessional will have too many problems to handle all at once. It is very natural.every1 has them.
Like I told Aakash- Porblems never go. they are always there- thruout our lives. But we should learn to combat them. That is a art.

Deepti said...

yeah very true.....but i didn't say that my life sucks....i'm happy with my life....:)

Junius said...

hehe coincidence is the word for verification here is 'desties' and i almost read it 'destinies'
anyways, i like the header pic, its really good

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