It's you only I need!!!

When its long after the sun has set
When the clouds pour down
The world gets wet
When in the darkness there is no one i see
When my dreams scare and terrify me
Its then when i know..its you only i need

To take me in your i can breathe
You make my world go round and bring the best in me
Its your face which in my sleep i see
When the times are wrong and i see no way..
What makes me strong are the words u say
When the loneliness creeps
Its then when i know..its you only I need

When nothing seems right
And every things a mess
With your smile so bright
You handle the rest
When it sometimes hurts without knowing why
You hold me close and let me cry
When i m confused and dunno what to do
when all a lie,i cant find the truth

Its then when i know..its you only I need!!!



rasika said...

are tila apekshit comments dya jara

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