LIFE has changed dramatically over years, from childhood to school, and from school to college!! We opened our eyes facing a beautiful world in our mom and dad's eyes...We grew up with all fun and peace that one can had...and in no time we realized that plenty of expectation has been already grown...!!!

One of the important stage of my life is "College Days". Generally we stepped up in college having plenty of things in mind, feeling ourselves uncomfortable at the beginning...and that's the time where we just met few lovely folks... Many glimpses of college life...those small fighting, glancing on handsome guys and plenty of discussion with friends about everything. Bunking classes, going for movie, too long hours of gossiping...smiling for every moment we lived, sometimes crying.... A phase where we learned new things, an era where we enjoyed... I'm going to miss my life in RUIA.... :(
That time has been remembered deep down in our memories...!!!


ameya said...

yeah very life was great!!

Aakash said...

nice collage work! :)

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