To Hell With The Rules!!

Human mind is so complex,flurried...and it became more confused when we made rules...We all are living in the heaven of we made rules to survive!!! But many of us want to live like a free limitations,no more traditional laws...nothing like that!!
Just wanna change something in life!!!
But wilderness remained inherited in us.We are civilized but still like to dance on the tunes of music without any limitations,even we don't care what others will say....we still love that calmness,wilderness of nature!! Now-a-days we are far apart from nature....we bounded ourself in this so called "Materialistic Life"!! so at least once in a life break all these rules....and live this life as u want!!! I have just passed through this poem..story of a girl who loved the nature!!!


Born in town,half is nature,half civilized
But in hidden she wanted a man to love her
As a love is a pure form of nature..
she studied to gain knowledge,
wanted to part from nature,to gain height
But her dreams shattered,
she got bounded,could not survive,
she forgot sky is also form of a nature
whom she want to touch,which is so high
after struggling getting the height,
she was unhappy ,doesn't know why??
she cried when she was lonely,
all the crowd she wanted earlier
now could not satisfy her
hunger of love,care ,oxygen to survive,
because in hidden she loved nature,
she decided to break all materialistic boundaries
which were too high..
she had a sigh...then said,
to hell with this rules and
to hell with this social life!!!!


Aakash said...

great work! looking forward for more of it :)

keep blogging!

iron_maiden said...

Rules cannot be completely ignored. Sometimes they are neccessary to instill discipline in our lives. But its gr8 to let your hair down and do whatever pleases you! Its a different feeling to allow oneself to be who he wants to be!!!

But there is a thin difference in radical and reckless!!

Ketaki said...

u r rite.. n good going han

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